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Istanbul After the Conquest

OTTOMAN ERA ISTANBUL AFTER THE CONQUEST Istanbul was troubled with chaos and anarchy during the first three days after the conquest. After the third day, the city calmed down and dazzling celebrations of the conquest took place. After the celebrations, Sultan Mehmed, the Conqueror issued an order keeping the soldiers off the streets of the city. The city was -immediately taken under control. A …

Conquest and Istanbul (Muslim Sieges of Istanbul)

MUSLIM SIEGES OF ISTANBUL Istanbul had been a valuable target since the beginning of the military campaigns of the Muslims. First Muslim Arabs, then Muslim Turks launched numerous military campaigns against Istanbul, and besieged the city during some of those campaigns. It was rumored that Istanbul, which was known as “Kostantiniyyah” to Muslims, would be conquered by a righteous commander and soldiers. The first …

Before Conquest of Istanbul

THE PREHISTORIC PERIOD The history of Istanbul goes back to 300 thousand years ago. The first traces of human culture were discovered in the excavations carried out in Yarımburgaz Cave on the banks of Küçükçekmece Lake. It is thought that Neolithic and Chalcolitic people had been living around there. In the excavations made in the various periods of time, some instruments belonged to the …


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